General Dentistry Services Provided in Orange

Here at Kite Street Dental, we take a comprehensive approach to dental care. Whether it’s a routine check-up or a more advanced procedure, we have the training and expertise to keep your teeth healthy. We offer a number of services that fall under general dentistry.

We offer a full range of services, including:

Cleanings, Exam and X-rays

Even if you brush and floss after every meal, a thin film of plaque can still accumulate on your teeth and gums. If this is left untreated, it can cause everything from cavities to gum infection. At Kite Street Dental we will thoroughly examine everything from your teeth to your tongue for any evidence of decay, teeth grinding or other potential disorders. Then we’ll remove any plaque that may have built up since your last visit and polish your teeth. If you fall into a high caries risk group or have not had X-rays taken for a long time, we may suggest that you have low radiation digital x-rays done. Digital X-rays give us a clearer picture of what’s going on inside your mouth and enable us to detect any decay that may be developing between your teeth as well as possible signs of tumors, cysts and bone loss.


If a tooth is severely decayed, damaged or weak, a crown or cap may be needed to restore the tooth to its original size and shape. A crown protects and strengthens the tooth by encasing it with a protective coating placed over the tooth from the gum line on up. We offer a full range of materials such as gold, zirconia or acrylic resin to manufacture crowns as every situation is different and may require a unique approach.
Full porcelain or ceramic crowns can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth. Our porcelain crowns are custom made to resemble your original tooth as closely as possible. And because porcelain tends to reflect light the way your teeth do, it offers the most natural appearance.

Full Mouth Reconstruction: In order to provide the best overall experience, a full mouth reconstruction can give you back the smile and dental comfort you’ve always dreamed of.


Bridges can restore and rejuvenate your smile. They are a reliable and long-lasting treatment for missing teeth. Dental bridges can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. They consist of two porcelain crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap left by the missing teeth and a replacement tooth (or teeth, depending on how many are missing) in between. They are permanently and securely cemented into place, can improve facial structure and even enunciation. And you might just have a fuller more confident smile.

Dental Veneers

If you have been dreaming of that beautiful smile, dental veneers provide a durable and long-lasting solution. We only use veneer materials made of the highest quality in an Australian owned laboratory. This is our personal assurance to you that we oversee a very complicated process to create your gorgeous smile. We use the very best materials and latest techniques.


There has never been a more convenient or easy way to straighten your teeth. Invisalign aligner trays offer a far more comfortable experience than traditional metal braces. These removable clear braces are barely noticeable and you’ll love your smile as you watch it transform!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an alternative to dentures or bridge work for replacing missing teeth. The implants are made from titanium and is surgically implanted in the jaw bone below the gum to function as the roots of missing teeth. Once integrated, an implant crown will then be fitted to match your existing teeth, improving your smile.

Most Dental Implants are placed in our dental surgery, using only local anesthesia, with minimal post-operative pain or discomfort.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

If you have a cavity, you’re not the only one! We will give you the option of choosing a durable composite resin filling that more closely matches the color of your teeth. These white filling materials do far more than enhance your appearance. They require less removal of the tooth than amalgam fillings and are able to restore the tooth to most of its original shape, leaving it stronger and less susceptible to breaking. They’re even good for the environment: Since they don’t contain any mercury, there are no hazardous metal wastes to dispose of.

Root Canal Treatments

A tooth abscess can lead to painful chewing, pain, swelling and feeling downright miserable and sorry for yourself. Root canal treatment can free you from the pain, helping to restore your overall health and even reduce stress. Traditionally, root canals have a very bad reputation and have been characterized as being excruciating and unbearable.

Despite this very bad reputation, root canal therapy is usually a pain-free, quick and relatively comfortable procedure. In fact, it relieves your pain and can prevent severe complications from abscesses as well as tooth loss.


At Kite Street Dental, we want your teeth to last as long as you do. Sometimes, however, a tooth may be so severely damaged that it simply cannot be saved. The tooth may then need to be extracted and can be replaced with a denture, bridge or implant. We will guide you through the procedure from start to finish, and answer all of your questions. We will take extra special care so you won’t feel any pain. If you are very nervous, 

we can also administer conscious sedation or happy gas to help you relax.


No one likes the look of missing teeth, they spoil the beauty of a smile and their absence takes away your confidence. If your teeth have reached the point where you are considering dentures, we invite you to come in for a consultation. All our dentures are are custom designed and individually crafted for a remarkably natural look, fit and feel. You’ll be able to laugh, chew, swallow, speak and smile without experiencing difficulty or discomfort. At Kite Street Dental we can also provide custom-fitted dentures that are fixed to dental implants. Our goal is to provide you with the most comfortable and cosmetically pleasing result possible so you can smile and chew with confidence once again.

Sleep Guard (Occlusal Splint or Bite Plate) and Jaw Ache

Most people are totally unaware that they are grinding their teeth at night. “Bruxing” or grinding of teeth can cause irreversible damage to your teeth and lead to jaw ache. Wearing down of teeth often cause sensitivity, cracked tooth syndrome and chips in teeth, as well as an unpleasant esthetic appearance. If you have had major dental work done like veneers or porcelain crowns, it is a very good idea to protect your investment by wearing an occlusal guard at night. If you have been waking up feeling tight or sore jaw muscles, sore teeth, or with headaches, chances are you are grinding or clenching during sleep.

We can fabricate an individually made night guard for you that is comfortable and easy to wear.

Snore Guard Devices (Sleep Apnea Devices)

If you have been struggling sleeping at night due to snoring, a snore guard device can be custom made to fit over your teeth. The device repositions your lower jaw, thereby opening your airway to reduce snoring. They are removable, and worn at night similar to a night guard.

If you have been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea by your medical physician, and cannot tolerate a CPAP device, we can fabricate a custom made dental device which may help alleviate your symptoms.

Tooth Whitening

Even the brightest smiles can darken over time and slowly fade away. Tobacco, tea, coffee, wine and soft drinks can gradually stain and discolour your teeth, robbing them of their lustrous shine. We will customize a whitening procedure for you that leave you with a whiter, brighter smile, boosting your confidence, and make you feel better about yourself. It will leave you looking younger, healthier and more vibrant.

Sedation Dentistry

At Kite Street Dental, one of the most important parts of our treatments is keeping patients comfortable, which means creating a relaxing atmosphere and experience. Some patients may wish to have even more relaxation. For those, we can minimize the discomfort of dental procedures with the use of nitrous oxide or happy gas. You’ll leave with a healthier smile and a stress-free disposition.

Oral Cancer Screenings

You might be surprised to learn that oral cancer is the sixth most common form of cancer in most countries. While smoking, chewing tobacco and excessive consumption of alcohol can dramatically increase your odds of contracting this devastating disease; approximately 25% of people who contract oral cancer do not fall into any of the high-risk categories. The good news is that oral cancer can be successfully treated if it’s detected in its earliest stages. Our oral cancer screenings are quick, painless – and just might save your life.

Family Dentistry

Have you been looking for a dentist for you and your family? Look no further than Dr Natalie Hyland or Dr Parvinder Kaur Lakhman. Our experienced, friendly and well trained staff provides superior dental care and specializes general, family, and cosmetic dentistry. At Kite Street Dental we believe in gentle, compassionate dentistry and helping even the most anxious patients feel at ease.

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