Top Notch Comprehensive Dental Treatment in Orange

With multiple degrees under their belt, our world-class dentists have the skills to properly take care of your teeth. At our family oriented practice, we aim to provide you with the best care possible. Our fantastic team is friendly, helpful and dedicated, ensuring you have a great appointment from start to finish. Our team works hard to provide you with a wide range of services to take care of all your dental needs under one roof.

General Dentistry

At Kite Street Dental, we take a comprehensive approach to dental care. Whether you need a routine check-up or an advanced procedure, our experienced staff has the tools and the training to protect, preserve, repair and restore your smile.

General dentistry refers to the many modern dental procedures we provide, all of which are designed to help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health. From the moment you arrive, you’ll see the care that goes into every aspect of your experience.

We offer a full range of services…

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are small posts placed below the gum to function as the roots of missing teeth. An artificial tooth will then be fitted to match your existing teeth, improving your smile. A dental implant can replace one tooth or multiple teeth and appears and feels natural.

What are the Benefits associated with Tooth Implants?

Dental Implants are permanent since they fuse with bone. They appear and feel like your own teeth. All of the discomforts linked to removable dentures are eliminated…

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Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies never happen when it’s convenient. That’s why Kite Street Dental provides an emergency service to the people from Orange and surrounding areas. We have emergency dental services that will offer the immediate relief you are looking for.

At Kite Street Dental, we have a good understanding how disruptive and traumatic tooth pain can be. We will make every effort to promptly handle your dental emergency…

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Invisalign Treatment

The Invisalign® system is a very comfortable and predictable system to effectively straighten your teeth while still letting you do the things you love. AND it is virtually invisible!

Why choose Kite Street Dental for your Invisalign® treatment?

Our clinicians have many years of experience with both traditional fixed braces as well as Invisalign® and has successfully treated very complex cases of teeth straightening with Invisalign®…

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Jaw Ache Treatment

The team has many years of experience with both traditional fixed braces as well as Invisalign® and has successfully treated very complex cases of teeth straightening with Invisalign®.

Our clinicians have extensive training in neuromuscular dentistry and treatment of TMJ. TMJ Disorder (TMJ or TMD) or “Jaw Ache” as it is commonly referred to, is a problem involving the Temporomandibular joint and the muscles used in chewing. Sometimes this joint and the surrounding muscles can become irritated and inflamed…

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Dental Surgery Services

We at Kite Street Dental provide premium quality dentistry of various types, however there are many more reasons why we suggest you choose us to look after your dental needs.

Every Treatment Under One Roof – We are able to offer all your treatments in the same building, whichever dental need you may have. The entire Kite Street Dental team are working professionals serving patients in the Orange areas…

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We offer a wide range of procedures to help you get the perfect smile.
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